Trackonomics and Fiona Dent are UKBAA Awards 2019 Finalists

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I’m delighted to announce that myself and Trackonomics have been shortlisted for Best Woman-led Investment in Innovation at the UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2019! This Award recognises the role taken by a woman investor in backing a highly innovative growth-focused business and who has brought not only risk capital, but significant added value to support the further growth and scale of the business. Both the Female investor(s) and entrepreneur are recognised and Awarded.

The Trackonomics investment of £1.2m was led by 24Haymarket the UK’s leading angel investor syndicate, of which I am an investor member. My deep experience in the disrupted media industry, pioneering new business models such as e-commerce, meant I was very impressed and excited by what Trackonomics Founder and CEO Hanan Mayaan and his team had achieved. Following the investment, I joined the Board as a Non-Executive Director in 2019 and leveraging my publishing industry knowledge, we have been collaborating to accelerate access to new partners and working with industry bodies such as the PPA

Trackonomics has signed some of the biggest content publishers in the world to its platform and is helping them drive exponential increases in revenues from their e-commerce initiatives. The Trackonomics platform helps content editors and commercial managers match affiliate links to relevant products, build monetised links and ensure those links are kept up to date for evergreen content. Their tools put everything together in one single dashboard, enabling digital media publishers to build direct commercial relationships with brands and start to exploit a new model more effectively, driving both increased revenues and efficiencies. Hanan and I are delighted for our collaboration to be recognised by the UKBAA.

The UKBAA Angel Investment Awards 2019 will be held at Illuminate at the Science Museum in London on Tuesday 2nd July. This fantastic event will recognise the fastest growing brands and acknowledge the founders, angels, crowd funders and early-stage venture capital investors behind them.

Find out more about how to get involved and celebrate with us by going to UKBAA Awards 2019.

A rural retreat of one’s own – the new Chinese luxury

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Deng Xiao Ping, the 1980s post-Mao era Chinese premier was a liberal reformist who developed a vision for special economic zones. These entrepreneurial districts such as Shenzhen in South China, which transformed from a fishing village to a booming city of over 12 million inhabitants, sowed the seeds for the economic explosion that China has carefully steered over the last 30 years.

At the time and for many years during the initial boom, the rural population in China was artificially high at over 60% versus the country’s level of economic development. Government policy dictated that citizens must remain in the district where they were born, where services and jobs were allocated to them. In fact the population and local gene pools had been so stable over centuries that pharmaceutical companies would collaborate with the government to conduct research in virtually controlled conditions. The only exceptions to this were elite students, the most glittering talents in the country, who were granted a “metal bowl” upon graduation, a metaphor for a rice bowl which never breaks and a job for life. These students were allowed to remain in the cities where they had graduated, to drive China’s growth.

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Strong brands – why the Founder’s DNA matters

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Ada Masotti, otherwise known as “Golden Scissors”, was a meticulous and talented pattern cutter with an eye for beautiful fabrics and couture embellishment. She launched the premium lingerie brand La Perla in 1954, now known around the world as the byword for luxury lingerie. You’ll never find a La Perla store anywhere but the best global luxury fashion destinations. Creative credentials are often borrowed from art and adopted to provide showcase events like the retail installation above. The La Perla brand experience is a controlled, rather authoritarian elegance, an aloof “we-set-the-standard” approach which loyal luxury customers must follow.

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